We’re ready: King’s Road reveal their Super Test XI

Isham ... always looks good in a picture

KING’S Road have revealed the line-up for this year’s Super Test against the Olde Enemy, the Battersea Badgers.

After hours of agonising, the club committee have settled on a final 11 from the names that made themselves available for the two-day match in Wimbledon.

Long-time club member Amir Alipour, who missed the first half of the season through injury, is in line for his first start in the longer format.

In his first game back last month he took 2 for 0 in a Twenty20 against the Badgers.

The side will be captained by James Couldrey, and include Jeremy Smith, Matt Cocken, Dan Sherman, Leon Watson, Matt Glover, Sham de Silva, Jamie Keating, Matt Small and Mark Isham.

This year’s Super Test will kick off at 11am in Dundonald Park, Wimbledon, on September 1 to 2.

Author: Leon Watson

Terrifyingly fast with the ball in hand and famously flamboyant with the bat, Leon is without doubt The Road’s greatest ever player. His stellar career has yielded more than 1,000 runs and several million wickets. However, but for a series of shocking LBW decisions against him and the butter-fingered ineptness of his colleagues in the field, there would surely have been more

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