“That’s my KEW to leave” – King’s Road left Green in the face as run chase falters

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King’s Road battled hard against Kew Sunday Occassional’s CC. But other than a bold stand by Skipper Dan Sherman and Mo Shaboodien the run chase proved too much.

Kew Green, the stunning setting for the 2nd fixture of the week, Skipper Sherms luck with the coin ran out, as Kew sent The Road’s weary legs in the field.

Chris Brown demanded his end (The Pub end) and charged in like a Baby Bear possessed but was met by the swing blade of Kew’s Berg, who favoured that bit of the boundary over Long Off. Favoured it even more when the tallest man on the pitch Mark Isham put him down there.

The other end, Ron Bisnet, forced to bowl from the Church end by a Angry Brown, whirled away beautifully, but for little reward as the Kew openers powered out of the blocks.

Change bowlers deployed. Mo Shaboodien and yesterday’s MoM Mark Isham set about taking pace off the ball. “changes coming” was the shouts, but the ball was raining from the sky where no-one was at home. Berg’s reign of terror came to an end when Elliott Small held onto a juggler of Isham.

Dual Bear was on display and it was time for the Big Bear to come out of hibernation. Jamie Keats, coming in off the long run-up of 5 instead of 4 steps, was apparently the seamer for the day. His bark is WAYYYY worse than his bite, but it did for Khalid, as the LBW was more down to the Keats ROAR than the delivery.

In a day the bowlers had little reward, wickets were scarce and so was entertainment. All that changed when El Senor Michael Rossi was despatched into the South Circular, the smallest of the car was audible from Deep Cover.

The Batsman, overseas fast bowler Kidron Thomas, saw to many a bowler. Matt Small, switching to floaty legs inners for the day, was whacked. It wasn’t until the deadly death bowler Peter Jackson Eastwood had him clean bowled for 72, Kew had amassed 231 off their 40ovs.

In front of the electronic scoreboard, The Road set about demolishing the deficit. However, there was little to write home about with the bat. Barring 30s from Mo Shaboodien and Daniel Sherman, it was a cast of single figure scores for the Road.

Wins have alluded The Road at Kew for a while. Unfortunately 2017 is another year left begging

Author: Matt Small

Fast Bowler Extraordinaire & Media Secretary 2017