Super Test: Foord drives down The Road to lead Badgers to crushing win

NICK Foord had a fiesta as the Battersea Badgers crushed King’s Road in this year’s Super Test

Cracking shot ... Glover on his way to another fifty

Day 2: Match Report

Battling hard ... Gilo defends
Battling hard … Gilo defends

KING’S Road fell to a crushing eight-wicket defeat as Battersea Badgers seamer Nick Foord bagged 5 for 12 to ruin any hopes of Super Test glory for the Orange Caps.

The day had started brighter for the Road, with the Badgers’ first innings wrapped up inside the first hour of play for 228, a lead of 71.

Among the highlights was Badger batsman Tom Maskell knocking down his own stumps after being rattled by paceman Matt Glover.

But any hopes of a belligerent response were dashed as Foord motored in, forcing Orange Caps opener David Hughes to block like Boycott in an effort to protect his stumps.

At the other end Mark Isham was sent back to the pavilion by a brilliant piece of close catching but Sham Da Silva joined David in resisting the onslaught from the rampant Badgers.

Having seen off opening bowlers Foord and Blake, David was clean bowled by Dawson for four and Sham was the victim of another sharp catch, this time in the slips, for 12.

Last over ... Matt bowls
Last over … Matt bowls

Daniel Sherman offered more with his chat than his bat, departing for 0, but skipper Giles Fagan and all-rounder Matt G staged a fightback.

The pair put on 83 before the return of Foord, Giles edging a rapid delivery to be caught behind for 39.

Gutted ... it's all over
Gutted … it’s all over

Foord then struck three times in an over, removing Matt Cocken, clearly unhappy with being given out plumb LBW, before his batting partner from across the Pennines Matt Glover finally fell for a well worked 57.

Beaten ... the team after
Beaten … the team after

The Badgers’ man of the match also snapped up the wickets of Chris MacNicol and James Couldrey for ducks.

Kevin Pittaway and Michael Rossi offered some late resistance, helping the Road to a total of 173, sett-ing the Badgers 102 for victory.

The Gloverman, fired up by his highest score with the bat for King’s Road, taking wickets with the final two deliveries before tea.

But by then the Badgers’ Stuart Barker and Tom Rigby – who finished 50 not out – had put their team well on the road to victory.

Kevin, Sham, James and Mark were all made to suffer as the Badgers reached their target in the 16th over. Badger stalwart Peter Warman, who passed 1,000 runs for the team, rounded off the win with a huge six off Matt Cocken.

Day 1: Match Report

Gilo ... the skip hits out
Gilo … the skip hits out

A captain’s innings from Pete Jinks left the Battersea Badgers well sett at the close of the first day’s play in the South London Ashes.

The Badgers’ skipper was unbeaten on 71 overnight as his team ended the day 188-5, a first innings lead of 31.

Orange Caps’ captain Giles Fagan won the toss and opted to bat on a damp but trying track at Fairfield Rec in Kingston and his side got off to a decent start, reaching 21 before opener David Hughes lost his off stump to a snorter from Badgers’ paceman Foord.

Next man in Sham da Silva also fell cheaply, scoring one more than David as he reached 5.

But at the other end Mark Isham was patience personified on his way to 21 before he was dismissed in the 31st over.

Isham ... always looks good in a picture
Isham … always looks good in a picture

All-rounder Mark played the anchor role as first Giles and then Daniel Sherman cut loose, peppering the boundaries with fours and clearing the rope once each.

Giles was out for 40 and Dan for 29 as the Road reached lunch at 121-5.

But that solid platform was undermined after lunch as a devastating spell of 3-3 from Foord contributed to a batting collapse which saw the last five Orange Cap wickets fall for just 36.

Boom! ... Sham's bails go flying
Boom! … Sham’s bails go flying

Matt Cocken scored 12, fellow northerner Matt Glover was out for 6 and Chris MacNicol picked up a duck as Foord had a fiesta.

The Orange Caps bowling performance saw Kevin Pittaway and Matt Glover share the new ball, with the Badgers’ openers picking off occasional bad balls in a stand of 58 until KP struck to remove Smith.

Spinner Sham took over from the quicks to work his magic, claiming the wicket of danger man Pete Warman for 33 and Cole for 18.

The return of the opening bowlers produced a further two wickets, with Glover finally picking up a scalp after somehow remaining wicketless in a first spell which contained some almost unplayable deliveries.

The Orange Caps will be hoping to wrap up the Badgers’ tail early on the second day before the deficit grows to Greek levels, then the batsmen can set about compiling a target which will give the bowlers a chance to make the most of a pitch which could prove difficult to bat last on.

Battersea Badgers Vs King’s Road CSC
2-Innings Match Played At Fairfield Rec. Grd., Kingston, 09-Jul-2011, Supertest
Battersea Badgers Win Outright by 8 wkts
Toss won by King’s Road CSC


King’s Road CSC 1st Innings 157/10 All Out (Overs 47)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MJ Isham c Paul Cole b Allyn Blake 21 87 2 0
D Hughes b Nick Foord 4 20 1 0
SPR de Silva b Tom Maskell 5 16 1 0
GHA Fagan*+ c Allyn Blake b Stuart Barker 40 34 7 1
DJ Sherman lbw b Allyn Blake 29 27 4 1
MJ Cocken c&b Nick Foord 12 33 3 0
M Glover b Nick Foord 6 21 1 0
C MacNicol c Peter Jinks b Nick Foord 0 6 0 0
MS Rossi c Stewart McCluskey b George Dawson 4 8 0 0
KM Pittaway c Nick Foord b George Dawson 0 4 0 0
JM Couldrey not out 0 1 0 0
extras (b10 lb6 w19 nb1) 36
TOTAL 10 wickets for 157


1-21(D Hughes) 2-30(SPR de Silva) 3-82(GHA Fagan) 4-107(MJ Isham) 5-121(DJ Sherman)
6-140(M Glover) 7-145(C MacNicol) 8-148(MJ Cocken) 9-153(KM Pittaway)
10-157(MS Rossi)


Bowler O M R W wd nb
Nick Foord 14 6 15 4 8
Tom Maskell 9 1 43 1 1
Allyn Blake 9 4 14 2 1
Stuart Barker 8 0 37 1 7
Peter Jinks 6 1 32 0
George Dawson 1 0 4 2 2 1


Battersea Badgers 1st Innings 228/10 All Out (Overs 56.3)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
Peter Warman+ c MJ Cocken b SPR de Silva 33 83 6 0
Alastair Smith b KM Pittaway 17 32 2 0
Paul Cole b SPR de Silva 18 29 3 0
Peter Jinks* lbw b KM Pittaway 77 100 11 2
John Dickinson c GHA Fagan b KM Pittaway 19 29 2 1
Stewart McCluskey c MJ Isham b M Glover 1 11 0 0
Nick Foord b M Glover 23 32 4 0
George Dawson run out JM Couldrey 0 4 0 0
Allyn Blake not out 5 8 1 0
Stuart Barker c GHA Fagan b KM Pittaway 2 3 0 0
Tom Maskell hit wicket b M Glover 0 5 0 0
extras (b8 lb0 w22 nb3) 33
TOTAL 10 wickets for 228


1-58(Alastair Smith) 2-87(Paul Cole) 3-101(Peter Warman) 4-159(John Dickinson)
5-176(Stewart McCluskey) 6-218(Peter Jinks) 7-218(Nick Foord) 8-219(George Dawson)
9-221(Stuart Barker) 10-228(Tom Maskell)


Bowler O M R W wd nb
M Glover 17.3 3 75 3 6 2
KM Pittaway 15 4 42 4 10 1
SPR de Silva 11 1 43 2
JM Couldrey 7 0 33 0 5
MS Rossi 2 0 12 0
GHA Fagan 4 0 15 0


King’s Road CSC 2nd Innings 173/10 All Out (Overs 36.4)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MJ Isham c Colin Huntingdon b Allyn Blake 0 7 0 0
D Hughes b George Dawson 4 31 0 0
SPR de Silva c Nick Foord b Tom Maskell 12 26 2 0
GHA Fagan*+ c Peter Warman b Nick Foord 39 47 6 0
DJ Sherman c Tom Rigby b Tom Maskell 0 7 0 0
M Glover lbw b Nick Foord 57 45 12 0
MJ Cocken lbw b Nick Foord 1 7 0 0
C MacNicol b Nick Foord 0 1 0 0
JM Couldrey c Peter Warman b Nick Foord 0 5 0 0
MS Rossi not out 9 16 1 0
KM Pittaway b Tom Maskell 18 17 4 0
extras (b4 lb4 w23 nb2) 33
TOTAL 10 wickets for 173


1-1(MJ Isham) 2-26(D Hughes) 3-30(SPR de Silva) 4-35(DJ Sherman) 5-118(GHA Fagan)
6-131(MJ Cocken) 7-131(C MacNicol) 8-131(JM Couldrey) 9-135(M Glover)
10-173(KM Pittaway)


Bowler O M R W wd nb
Allyn Blake 5 1 20 1 7
Nick Foord 10 6 12 5 1
George Dawson 4 0 26 1 1 1
Tom Maskell 7.4 2 27 3 7
Paul Cole 4 0 43 0
Tom Rigby 4 0 13 0 1
Stewart McCluskey 2 0 32 0 8 1


Battersea Badgers 2nd Innings 107/2 Closed (Overs 15.3)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
Stuart Barker b M Glover 26 17 6 0
Tom Rigby not out 50 51 9 1
Colin Huntingdon b M Glover 0 1 0 0
Peter Warman+ not out 21 23 3 1
Peter Jinks* dnb
Paul Cole dnb
Allyn Blake dnb
George Dawson dnb
Tom Maskell dnb
Stewart McCluskey dnb
Nick Foord dnb
extras (b5 lb0 w5 nb0) 10
TOTAL 2 wickets for 107


1-4(Stuart Barker) 2-41(Colin Huntingdon)


Bowler O M R W wd nb
M Glover 6 1 20 2
KM Pittaway 2 0 24 0 2
SPR de Silva 2 0 13 0
MJ Isham 3 0 26 0
JM Couldrey 2 0 9 0 1
MJ Cocken .3 0 10 0


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