Small Matters: New skip says ‘it’s time to make our mark’ as 2015 season kicks off

Our new captain Matt Small gives his rallying call for the season before this weekend’s Intra-Club match at Wandsworth Common

Holding fort ... the nightwatchman makes his mark

Dear Roaders,

Before we embark on our next year of cricket and socialising, I’d like to reflect on some of the successes of last season.

Records tumbled, both with the bat and the ball, our arch nemesis NARROWLY avoiding the dreaded ORANGEWASH, our first successful tour outing at Ferring, to name but a few.

Sadly, we say goodbye to a number of great Roaders, whether they be starting families, settling down, or moving away to far away places.

From all of us at King’s Road, we wish you well on whatever to get up to next.

Remember us when you’re on a beach, reminding you of our long sunny cricketing days; on your wedding days, may they be as well catered as our our teas, or your knee-deep in nappies, may it remind you of some of our darker innings…

We welcome back some old faces (You know who’s coming, who needs absolutely NO introduction), and we say welcome in our newcomers, who I’m sure will buy into the spirit of the club and its TRUE values.

You’ll abandon your well-honed skills and coached techniques and we’ll drag you down our more dogged level.

However, what we lack in ACTUAL skill we make up for in spirit and in, for wanted a better word, banter, both on and off the pitch.

So, it’s all to play for now. It’s a new season, everything’s reset. Time to make our marks on the season, the scorebook, and any property that has a window too close to the pitch. I’m excited, I hope everyone else is too.


Author: Matt Small

Fast Bowler Extraordinaire & Media Secretary 2017