Runs mean funds: How I’ll stump up the cash for charity, by Raju

Eye on the ball ... Raju ready to hit out for charity

I’m raising money for charity and I’m using cricket and the 2013 cricket season as a vehicle for it.

Aside from the odd ‘tache growing I can’t recall ever (willingly) participating in a fundraiser.

Normally they involve partaking in activities that are physically challenging like marathon running or silly like bathing in a tub of beans. There is no way I’ll be doing those!

I’m raising money for the charity Maggie’s centres (, a very welcoming cancer support group for both patients and their friends and family.

They have centres across the country with their London base adjoined to Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith.

Knowing of the services they provide and the level of commitment involved it was an easy choice. I hope I can do them justice by hitting the £250 I have set for the fundraiser.

Runs mean funds ... Raju raising cash for charity
Runs mean funds … Raju raising cash for charity on Battersea Park

The rules for the fundraiser are, during the 2013 season:

For every run I score, I will donate £1
For every wicket/catch, I will donate £5
And to make things interesting, I will ask/hassle bowlers, umpires, fielders who get or give me out to donate £1

Had I applied these rules last season I would have give Maggie’s Centres about £100. I reckon I am better than I was last season and be able to score runs and take wickets to the tune of £150. On top of that I reckon between teammates, opposition players and friends I can collect £100.

I see this as a truly performance related charity fundraiser. I hope that a good performance here or there will encourage teammates and opposition to donate to the cause instead of offering to buy me a drink.

So dear reader, the most important bit – donations can be made through the JustGiving page ( Please contribute to this worthy cause.