Leon to work on new delivery: Club stalwart steps down to focus on ‘youth development’

Cricket club founding member Leon Watson is stepping down from the King’s Road committee to focus on youth development

Little blighter ... Leon and Katie and the scan

CLUB stalwart Leon Watson is stepping down from the King’s Road committee to focus on youth development.

The 36-year-old founding member said he is unlikely to play many games this season due to his commitments with the Academy.

He will join Giles Fagan, Dean Aldridge and Tom Parnell working on a new generation of cricketers for the club.

In a statement issued by the club, Leon said: “I regret to inform you that I will be stepping down from the club committee this season and will not be available for most games.

“This decision has not been taken lightly: I am the only member of the club to be part of the committee since it was founded and I, along with a few others, have put an enormous amount of time and effort into making it the success it is today.

“However, while the King’s Road Cricket & Social Club has dominated my life for the past seven years it is time to move on.

“I am taking a new role with the development squad alongside Giles, Tom Parnell and Dean.

“With help from my girlfriend Katie, a former Teasmaker of the Year winner, I shall primarily be working on the development of a promising youngster, name and sex as yet unknown, who is expected to make his/her debut in late July.

“I wish you all continued success for the season ahead. Yours, Leon Watson.”

Author: Leon Watson

Terrifyingly fast with the ball in hand and famously flamboyant with the bat, Leon is without doubt The Road’s greatest ever player. His stellar career has yielded more than 1,000 runs and several million wickets. However, but for a series of shocking LBW decisions against him and the butter-fingered ineptness of his colleagues in the field, there would surely have been more

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