New skip reveals bizarre Brendon Rogers-style man management technique by telling players to do HOMEWORK

Similar style ... Matt and Brendon Rogers

NEW skip Matt Cocken has laid down the law in the nets ordering players to do HOMEWORK before the start of the season.

In a bid to get The Road up to pace, Matt introduced his innovative Brendon Rogers style of management by giving players detailed instructions on what they should improve on.

And members have been warned if they don’t deliver, they will be sent home from training.

At the Latchmere last week, the burly northerner told Jamie Keating to do a presentation on three reasons why it’s bad to bat on one knee.

Former skip James Couldrey was told to do a PowerPoint on “why bowling down leg-side is rubbish”.

And Raju Mazumder was ordered to complete a Excel spreadsheet on why he needs to go to the gym.

Matt appears to have taken inspiration from Liverpool FC manager Rogers who addressed his players memorably with his infamous ‘three envelopes’ threat at the start of the football season.

“The sky’s the limit for you… I think there’s three people who’ll let us down this year and I’ve wrote them down already,” Rodgers told his squad ahead of their league opener against West Brom, brandishing three white envelopes.

“We need to be together, but I think there’s a maximum three who’ll let us down. Don’t be the one.”

The following day Liverpool lost 3-0.

Author: Leon Watson

Terrifyingly fast with the ball in hand and famously flamboyant with the bat, Leon is without doubt The Road’s greatest ever player. His stellar career has yielded more than 1,000 runs and several million wickets. However, but for a series of shocking LBW decisions against him and the butter-fingered ineptness of his colleagues in the field, there would surely have been more

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