Giles and Matt reveal match line-ups

TEAMS for this season’s eagerly-awaited Intra-Club Challenge match have been revealed today

TEAMS for this season’s eagerly-awaited Intra-Club Challenge match have been revealed today.

New skip Giles Fagan will line-up against former skip Matt Cocken for the pre-season warm-up on Sunday.

The game is meant to be a chance for Giles to take a look at his players before the season kicks off.

But bragging rights between captains old and new will still be at stake.

Giles is fielding a strong side including club regulars Raju Mazumder and James Pritchard.

His team will also boast Andy Saker, Chris Beckett, Dan Sherman and Sham DeSilva, plus newboys Jeremy Smith and Ben Thornton. Old hand Liam Creedon will also turn out for him.

Matt’s team includes regulars Leon Watson, Matt Small, Mark Isham, David Hughes, Amir Alipour and Jamie Keating.

He also chose rookies Michael Rossi, Chris MacNichol and Matt Glover.

The 20 names were divided by Matt and Giles before the 1pm match on Clapham Common.

However, each captain still has one more place to fill and the final line-ups won’t be announced until the match starts.

Depending on the weather, the match is expected to be 35 overs.

Each player has to bowl at least two overs, if they can, with a maximum of four overs per bowler.

Batting orders are at the captain’s discretion – but there is a gentlemen’s agreement to ensure that everyone gets a bat.

Retired batsmen can go in again at the end of the innings.

And, in the event of a tied match the result will be settled with a Royal Rumble-style team wrestling match.

Author: Leon Watson

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