Our end of year stats are finally out: Find out your 2015 averages here

Good morning all,

Some of you may already have noticed, but the 2015 players stats have now been added to our website.

This is thanks mainly to Matt Glover who undertook the laborious task of keying them all in.

They include such incredible feats as:

In 2015:

Over all-time:

And finally:

Please note, these are not the definitive and full stats as kept by club statman Raju Mazumder.

The stats presented here are mainly a guide and there may be the odd data entry mistake which, if you notice any, please let us know.

Anyway, without further ado have a look for yourself here: http://stats.krcsc.co.uk/

Enjoy, and happy new year,


Author: Leon Watson

Terrifyingly fast with the ball in hand and famously flamboyant with the bat, Leon is without doubt The Road's greatest ever player. His stellar career has yielded more than 1,000 runs and several million wickets. However, but for a series of shocking LBW decisions against him and the butter-fingered ineptness of his colleagues in the field, there would surely have been more Google +