Are you a good catch? Match-makers ask The Road for help finding ‘sporty’ and ‘attractive’ bachelors

Ladies ... we're available

It’s time to get your bat and balls out lads, and just not because the new season is starting.

Top dating experts Mutual Attraction have contacted the club appealing for our help in finding “eligible attractive single men” to add to their books.

The offline match-makers are so keen on the ‘sporty’ type they have offered free membership to any King’s Road player who fits the bill.

Clearly, they have come to the right place.

In an email to club bosses, the agency came up with this tempting proposal: “We would love to offer your male players free membership at Mutual Attraction, let me explain why!

“I work for a professional offline dating agency (voted #1 in the UK – wahoo!!) and am currently head hunting eligible attractive single men to join us on a 100% free membership!

Why the face? ... had to go for it
Why the face? … had to go for it

“We would introduce your cricketers to some of our lovely clients should we have a potential match. We have lots of clients (especially this time of year) hence we are always on the lookout for great people who are serious about finding someone special. Lately we’ve had quite a few requests for the ’sporty type’ and that’s why we’re reaching out to you.

“We work with men and women from late 20s onwards, who are London based and want to meet new and interesting people.

Glover ... on tour
Glover … on tour


“If any of your members would like to take us up on free membership (no fee now or ever), all we ask is that they are genuinely looking to meet someone and can spare half an hour for a quick coffee. As we are matchmakers we need to meet everyone we introduce to our clients.

“Sound good? Then please do pass on to your team players and you can help us play cupid!”

Author: Leon Watson

Terrifyingly fast with the ball in hand and famously flamboyant with the bat, Leon is without doubt The Road's greatest ever player. His stellar career has yielded more than 1,000 runs and several million wickets. However, but for a series of shocking LBW decisions against him and the butter-fingered ineptness of his colleagues in the field, there would surely have been more Google +