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Donned the cap ... Tim Vine

Our serious support: Stand-up comic Tim Vine gives us the nod

TELLY funnyman Tim Vine has given the nod to The Road – and shown his support for his local cricket team.

The 43-year-old South Londoner was collared by King’s Road celeb spotter Amir Alipour-Mehraban in a team haunt in Battersea.

According to Amir, Vine was appearing in “something” being filmed at The Latchmere pub when the eagle-eyed King’s Roader approached him.

Asked what Tim Vine said, Amir revealed: “Nothing much really.”

But the blonde-haired stand up apparently couldn’t wait to wear the KRCSC cap – so grabbed it off Amir to put on before giving us a little nod for the camera.

The comic is the latest showbiz star to pledge support to The Road.

Last year fellow funnyman David Mitchell, The Wire baddie Idris Elba, England legend Mike Atherton and current skip Andrew Strauss all gave the thumbs up to The Road.

Even identity-conscious SAS hero Andy McNabb agreed to be photographed wearing the King’s Road – albeit it only from behind.

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