AWARDS 2017 – “Baby Bear” Chris Brown comes of age and wins the Player of the Season 2017 Award

A maiden-studded, bowler-bruising, tantrum-loving, star performance from The Road’s  opening bowler was enough to see Chris Brown pick up 3 awards in Earlsfield on this, the 10th year of the King’s Road.

The Leather Bottle is a fan favourite for some (notably Michael Rossi), but he and all were deceived, as we weren’t in Morden, but in Earlsfield for the hottest night of the year: The KRCSC End-of-Season Awards Dinner.

And hot it was in the cauldron of The Bottle, as the suited-and-booted Roaders were dressed up to the nines (except Sham De Silva, who looked like he’d been dragged through a hedge then slept there).

Roaders are connoisseur when it comes to food. The standard of the Teas this year was one of the strongest on record. The dinner was a fine affair, and Amir Alipour even arrived whilst it was warm. Lest we forget Adam Paterson’s party trick of downing whatever sauce happens to be on the table. This occasion, that was Toffee Sauce.

This year was also the year of the BWAG (Boyfriends, Wives & Girlfriends). A special mention for those who come along and watch us ultimately enjoy ourselves whilst they suffer in the cold, drinking their way through the day then hurling abuse. We wouldn’t be who we are without our supporters. Jamie Keats even brought 2 plus ones to the dinner…

Such is the soppiness that became of The Road, Chris Brown and Peter Jackson-Eastwood even wrote a poem, “The Ode to The Road” for the evening. To show you the transcript would be to break the famous rule “What happens at the End-Of Season Dinner, STAYS at the End-of-Season Dinner”*

*Check the KRCSC twitter account

Chairman Chris MacNicol was in charge of the awards, and they were as follows:

Champagne Moment of the Season:
Matt Small’s Hat-Trick vs Cairns Fudge

Most Embarrassing Moment of the Season:
Michael Rossi shouting “Bowler, Bowler”, not realising the batsman had a runner stood next to him

Newcomer of the Season:
Peter Jackson Eastwood

Tantrum of the Season:
Chris Brown for, well, the entire season

Most Improved
Chris MacNicol

Fielder of the Year:
Laxman Pillai (not Raju Mazumder as pictured)

Batsman of the Season
Mo Shaboodien

Bowler of the Season
Chris Brown

Teasmaker of the Season:
Matt Cocken

Player of the Season:
Chris Brown

10th Year Special – Performance of the Decade
Dan Sherman & Lomas Persad’s innings on the second day vs the Battersea Badgers in the SuperTest 2013

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Author: Matt Small

Fast Bowler Extraordinaire & Media Secretary 2017