It’s show time! 2015 season officially opens with Intra-Club
Getting bounce ... Just LOOK at the height on that from SmallyLatest News

The teams have been drawn up for what is promising to be another exciting Kings Road Intra-Club. This year the traditional curtain raiser for the […]

Small Matters: New skip says ‘it’s time to make our mark’ as 2015 season kicks off
Holding fort ... the nightwatchman makes his markComment & Blogs

Our new captain Matt Small gives his rallying call for the season before this weekend’s Intra-Club match at Wandsworth Common

Leon to work on new delivery: Club stalwart steps down to focus on ‘youth development’
Little blighter ... Leon and Katie and the scanEvents

Cricket club founding member Leon Watson is stepping down from the King’s Road committee to focus on youth development

Sorry Kev, it’s a no! As England play India at Lords, Kevin Pietersen turns up hoping for a game with us
He's a fan ... Kevin Pietersen with our capLatest News

He’s out of the England set-up, and Surrey didn’t have a game. So Kevin Pietersen thought he’d try his luck getting into the King’s Road […]

Let’s honour thy Richie! King’s Road launch campaign calling for Lord’s to remember Voice of Cricket Benaud
Honour thy Richie ... Richie Benaud, the legendEvents

Who can forget that kindly old face, the warmth of his commentary, and the depth of his knowledge that he imparted? Richie Benaud, who sadly died this week of skin cancer aged 84, was a genuine cricket legend.

Mystery man Amir out for a month after finger injury

Super spinner Amir Alipour has revealed his start to the season has been put on ice after he suffered a severe finger injury in last […]

Small Matters: Sun, beer and shaming the Badgers, Chairman Matt on the season ahead
Mane man ... Matt Small was ferocious against the LionsComment & Blogs

Roaders, I’d like to take this time to welcome you to the 2014 cricket season. This is not a time for reminiscing though. Not a time for remember the Five Lions being demolished by your’s truly (although I personally enjoyed it)